You can visit the Sigean animal park with your family or friends.

Sigean wildlife park near our charming gites in Narbonne.

Near Narbonne, on the Etang de Sigean, 30 minutes from our charming gites in Narbonne:

You can visit the Sigean animal park with your family or friends.

In fact, the Sigean team has come up with a great proposal. Visit the animal park in a mini bus with a dedicated guide.

On request, Domaine de Puychêne can organise a group of up to 15 people to visit the reserve.

How better to discover this world of wild animals than with a guide. He’ll tell you a few anecdotes and explain the way of life of the different species in this wildlife park. The tour lasts around 1 hour, and is conducted in French, English and Spanish. In this part of the tour, you’ll be surrounded by magnificent but fearsome animals. There’s no question of putting your nose outside. This mini-bus tour is particularly safe, as it is in a private vehicle.

In our charming gîtes with swimming pool, we take good care of our guests. Values we share with the Sigean animal park.

In fact, we attach a great deal of importance to the values conveyed by the companies we recommend. We try to be as consistent as possible with sustainable tourism. This is why the Parc animalier de Sigean is a place to which we do not hesitate to send our customers.

Animal welfare is at the heart of the concerns of the men and women who work there. The space available to accommodate the different species is vast. 170 hectares open to the public. 200 hectares around the park to respect their privacy, away from human traffic, car noise, etc.

The creators of this park have always been concerned to protect animal life, not to sacrifice it to economic or tourist imperatives. That’s what makes this a truly authentic place.

The current General Manager of Sigean has been working there for 18 years. We can deduce from this that not only are the animals treated well, but the humans too. 100 employees, including 93 on permanent contracts.

Some of the managers are shareholders and participate in the Park’s strategic management choices.

Families and groups of friends staying at Domaine de Puychene, a charming holiday rental with swimming pool close to the Canal du Midi, will be able to discover this magnificent wildlife area and rediscover their childlike spirit.

After seeing lions in a 10-hectare area dedicated to them, bears in an 8-hectare area dedicated to them and many other savannah animals, free to roam, the visit can continue on foot over 36 hectares.

If you wish, you can also ask to be accompanied by a guide to discover the richness of this universe. You will be able to admire a huge number of bird species, 230 of which are listed in the large aviary, but also in complete freedom. Indeed, many wild birds find refuge in this park, those that live in the region as well as those that are passing through during their migration. 200 nesting boxes have been installed, allowing some birds to reproduce.

You can also see giraffes – there are 2 species of giraffe in the park – crocodiles and other strange animals in the dedicated vivarium. There are plenty of other species too numerous to mention. As for the elephants, you won’t be seeing any for the time being. Always with animal welfare in mind, the last male had died and the female was left alone and dying of loneliness, so the team decided to part with her and entrust her to another park where she was reunited with her fellow elephants.

In short, after a crazy and exciting day, you can return to the Domaine de Puychene to relax by the pool and share your impressions of the magic of the moment.

Domaine de puychene parc animalier sigean
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